Site Instructions


Registration is the first step of using this site for more than news and updates. Once you register, then you can be invited into Committees to help make a difference in helping to use the land around Paradise Lake Road wisely and to the benefit of the community at large.

To register, do ONE of the following:

  1. Fill out the Registration form at PLR Members (if you haven’t already)
  2. Fill out the form at Contact Us and someone will invite you manually
  3. Email us at and someone will invite you manually

One of us will review your request and approve your membership. It also helps if you mention who in the group that can vouch for you via the “Referred by” text field.

Become part of a Committee Group

A Committee Group admin can add you to their group so that you can be part of the forum and see their posts.

To let a Committee Group know that you’d like to help them or learn more about what they are up, send an email or fill out the Contact Us form. We will respond as soon as possible. If you know the Group’s admin, you can also “friend” them and communicate your request to them.

Contribute to a Forum

Forums are an excellent way to discuss current or new topics. Members can join the public forum or join a Committee Group to participate in the committee forums.

Invite others to your Group

If you are a Committee Group admin, then you can add people by doing the following:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to PLR Members page
  3. Find the people you want to join your group in the Members section at the bottom
  4. Tap on each one and on their profile page, tap the “Add Friend” button near the profile pic
  5. Go to your the Group for which you have admin rights (e.g. Communications Team)
  6. Tap the “Send Invites” menu option below the main image (also includes options: Home, Blog, Forum, Members, and Manage)
  7. Once people have accepted your “friendship”, then you can select the checkbox next to their name and tap the “Send invites” button at the bottom
  8. They will join the Group once they receive the invite and accept

Manage Tasks

Trello is amazingly simple and powerful for managing tasks across teams. To join Save PLR’s Trello, please request send an email or fill out the Contact Us form.

Once you are a member, then you can do the following to create & manage tasks:

  1. Add a card in one of the columns by tapping “Add a card…”
  2. Enter the action item and tap “Add”
  3. Tap that card again to view more options:
    1. Set the label to one of the Committee groups – this is very important for filtering
    2. Add the members that are responsible for completing this action item – this is very important for filtering
    3. Add a description
    4. Create a checklist
    5. Set a due date
  4. Once the card is created, people can:
    1. Update the checklist
    2. Leave comments
    3. Move it to different columns
  5. Trello also uses Filters (via the right side’s Menu -> Filter Cards option) to  makes it easy to see which cards:
    1. Belong to which committee (they can belong to multiple ones)
    2. Are owned by who (can have multiple owners)
    3. Are due when