King5: Maltby residents worry massive apartment complex will ruin quality of life

MALBY, Wash. – Jeffrey Moidell left the big city of Seattle for the quiet community of Maltby to get away from the craziness.

“You can clear your head with all this space. You can breathe,” he said. “You can see the stars at night.”

But now he fears that craziness is coming to him.

A massive apartment complex is proposed near the intersection of Highway 522 and Paradise Lake Road in Snohomish County. An Arizona-based developer wants to build a 17-acre site comprised of 15 three-story buildings totaling 360 units.

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PLR Garden Apts – SnoCo Website

From Sam Low’s office in reply to neighbor email…Check out the link for SnoCo info on this project.

Thank you for including Councilman Low on your email. We have received several emails addressing the same concerns. Sam has driven 522 and is very aware of the traffic congestion in this area. Councilman Low has already had meetings with state and city representatives to see what options are out there to address this issue sooner rather than later. We understand there are significant issues and concerns to be considered regarding this project and have been advised there is a link you can go to for additional information:

We also want to let you know we (Sam Low’s office) will be setting up a community forum in January/February with local leaders and the state to discuss possible solutions/alternatives to address the traffic issues of 522.


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