SEPA Response

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SEPA and Application

What is SEPA?

The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)  process identifies and analyzes environmental impacts from governmental decisions. These decisions may be related to issuing permits for private projects, constructing public facilities, or adopting regulations, policies, or plans. SEPA review helps agency decision-makers, applicants, and the public understand how a proposal will affect the environment. SEPA can be used to modify or deny a proposal to avoid, reduce or compensate for probable impacts.



Collecting SEPA rebuttals

Action Strongly Encourage – Please add your SEPA rebuttals!

Insights from Neal Friedman:

We need to make sure we know when the SEPA comment period opens up.  I *think* that everyone who is a Party of Record will get a SEPA notice, but someone should confirm that.

Everyone should look at the SEPA checklist form on the Snohomish PDS WEB site.  This is a good tutorial on what the process is, and will give people ideas on what sorts of information we can submit.

I have written two SEPA checklists  myself, one for King, one for Snohomish.  I had professional help with parts.

I also propose that the we, as the organization, put together a master SEPA rebuttal, with as many good ideas as we can collect.   My suggestion, as a way to structure our efforts,  is that we  collectively fill out a SEPA checklist of our own, making sure to put all the negatives in.  The developer will try to use their own (dare I say “alt facts” ??) to spin the project in the best light.   We can then compare our answers with their answers as a rebuttal.

Everyone is of course encouraged to submit their own comments, but we should do one as an organization.

Please add your SEPA rebuttals (negatives) as comments to this post so that we can collect them.