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SEPA Response


Official Comment Period is still active!

Though the official comment period closed on Dec 21, 2016, the Snohomish Planning and Development Services will accept comments on this project at any time during the application review.

Please send your questions and comments to:

Tom Barnett:

Or you can mail a letter to the following:

To become a party of record, you MUST include the following information:

  • Your full name and mailing address
  • Permit Request: 16-120252-000-00-SPA
  • Address of the location: 9321 and 9509 Paradise Lake Road
  • Please include this statement: “I would like to be a party of Record”

Show your support by signing the Petition:

Also, please spread the word and share the following flyer with your neighbors:

SPLR Flyer

If you have a business nearby, please post this flyer:

SPLR Flyer for Businesses